Just a glance

Most of the times that is enough to immediately recognize

what will be next. A stolen glance is probably the oldest trick known. Yet definitely the most obvious

sign of hidden admiration. “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William


This page is a walk through on our micro world with our favourite stories to tell in short videos. It is

just a glance, our personal glance of how a wedding is created visually, sonically and through music

so that this can be recreated in a timeless and refined wedding film.

For us being a wedding videographer is all about creating a wedding film you cannot wait to share

and watch over and over again, a little unexpected yet real that never lose their potency long after

the day has passed.

Be our guest and let us entertain you and be your visual story tellers...

Inspirational and Touchy Wedding Proposal

It's all about how you want to remember that moment and the story you want to tell your friends and family about that event during the holidays. Most importantly, think about the story you and your partner will remember years later, and the emotions and happy tears that follow.
This is Ramona's and Charlotte's fairy tale


Now, we could talk about this romantic celebration for hours, about the touching speeches, the nonstop dancing till the wee hours and the beautiful ambiance the entire day had in every part, but we will only let the wedding video carry you away.

This is a love story about a Greek and a Dutch. Niki and Mirek met in Uppsala and just a glance and a smile was enough to make them fall in love. They trusted us to capture this unique moment of their life and we traveled to the place where all started!


Sofia and Yiannis fall in love back in 2016 and they decided to have their wedding day in this

amazing place on earth. Corfu is the island that will make you feel entirely enchanted by the

old Venetian flair of the island and the dignified vibes.