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We are a team of wedding videographers producing customate wedding videos in Greece, Europe & Worldwide.




assistant editor

Hi, this is Leo, my teammate and travel buddy! The past couple of years, there is an expansion of me, and this is Leo. When we stay home, you can usually find him crawling on my feet or next to my desk staying up all night, keeping me company while I'm editing wedding videos and films.

Actually, he's the real editor!

The relationship with my dog is good for my heart and my soul. Leo is the best motivator. His bubbly nature keeps me positive and happy, and I feel inspired to create the most beautiful visual love stories. I love Leo because he has a fantastic and amusing character. He makes me laugh and giggle every day and his unconditional love makes me feel grateful.

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Favorite Films

Elopement Film

lefkada, greece

"Trina and Dave clearly have good taste. They spend a lot of time travelling, loving animals,

cooking, hanging out with friends and dreaming! They were trying to get married since 2020

but due to Covid-19 their wedding has been canceled thrice. After 18 months they decided

to have an elopement in Lefkada island, and it has been extraordinary!"

Elegant and Unique Wedding

Thessaloniki, greece

"Next day’s golden hour combined with natural scenery created the perfect background for

some artistic and minimal shooting of this beautiful couple. Between the orangish sky and

the dark blue sea was just them enjoying the moment, feeling the breeze, and loving deeply.

Romance and positive energy percolated throughout this wedding which was a joy to

capture and embody on a timeless film."

Elegant and Timeless Wedding

thassos, greece

"Eleni and Vassili's wedding took place at the exquisite Alexandra Beach Spa Resort Thassos a stone's throw from the beach, where the couple also hosted their closest family and friends for the pre-wedding party."