a stylish wedding in cyprus

Cyprus is a popular wedding destination mainly due to its sunny weather and the number of stunning venues to choose from.

The 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the place where Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, was born. Hence, you will be surrounded by romance upon your arrival.Naya & Vassilis are living in Cyprus so we were lucky enough to experience the real traditional and cultural wedding in Nicosia, their hometown.

By watching this film, a strong lasting impression of the simple elegance and charm of a sophisticated wedding is what this special day of their love leaves you with.

We were impressed by their hospitality and how comfortable and welcome they made us feel. We matched straight away and we couldn't stop talking about our trips and countries we have visited. Traveling was the first reference point to get connected with these two love birds.

What was really extraordinary though, was the vibrant wedding party. You know that when the big day rolls around, all your efforts will come together for a spectacular celebration amongst loved ones. You know that it will all be worth it in the end! That is exactly what happened in Naya's and Vassilis wedding celebration. Feel free to feel the buzz through our eyes!


Angelos Lagos